The Moon Cup® - Rain Drop Blue
The Moon Cup® - Rain Drop Blue

The Moon Cup® - Rain Drop Blue

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There are many different menstrual cups on the market, do not buy cheap imitations! Your body is a temple, and you should therefore only consider cups that have been tried and tested and made from quality materials. 

Why waste thousands of dollars on single use tampons when you can buy one or two Moon Cups®  that should last if cared for properly (e.g. no contact with harsh chemicals) for ten years!

Easy to use and clean, The Moon Cup®  is a small rain drop blue flexible, internally worn reusable menstrual cup. The Moon Cup® is made of soft medical grade silicon, innovative, economical, comfortable, and environment-friendly, every Eco Lady should have one!

Can you believe menstrual cups have been around since the 1980's? Three quarters of the world population use sanitary products, that is huge business for the big boys who would lose out if all women swapped to sustainable products. What are you waiting for? Change today and start saving the planet and your bank balance!

Offered in two sizes:

A - after child birth and over 30 years

B - before child birth and c-sections

Manufactured in the USA, and approved by the FDA.

 ** Buy two and receive $10 off **

Enter 9Y4QNVP1GXR1 in the discount code at check out.