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Ultimate Cloth Pads


Made with super soft Bamboo Charcoal and 3 layers of micros fibers and PUL. The pads can absorb up to 90mls of fluid which will leave you confident and dry throughout your cycle. Our pads will last 3 to 5 years that is a huge saving to you and the environment!  

Easy to wear -  just snap the wings into place around your panties, dual buttons for a better fit.

Easy to wash - rinse and then soak if needed in a little salt water. Then machine wash at 30°.

Easy to store - all purchases come with a wet bag, you can pop used pads in whilst your out. 

Our reusable pads are presented in packs of 6 or 12 funky and stylish designs, all packs of 6 include a small handbag friendly size wet bag and all packs of 12 include a large and small wet bag. 

Our Tear Drop shaped pads are suitable for medium to heavy flow maternity/post-partum packs include:

Mixed pack of 6 which includes 4 large sized pad suitable for day time wear (15cm x 22cm) and 2 Extra larger night time wear pads (18cm x 30cm). A selection of designs that are in stock.

Mixed Pack of 12 which includes 7 large day time wear pads (18cm x 25cm) and 5 Extra larger night time wear pads (18cm x 30cm). A selection of designs that are in stock.

All Large includes 6 or 12 large pads (18cm x 25cm). A selection of designs in stock. 

All Extra Large includes 6 or 12 small pads (18cm x 30cm). A selection of designs in stock. 

If you have any design request for a wet bag or pad designs please let us know by emailing or popping in a comment at the check out, we will do our best to meet your request!

Full care instructions:

Please wash before use, rinse then soak in a little salt if needed prior to machine washing at 30°, do not bleach or use any harsh chemicals or fabric conditioner as this will shorten the life of the pads. Do not tumble dry. 

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