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My name is Kerryn, and I am a mum of two beautiful children. Becoming a Mum really changed my outlook on life, I have always cared about the environment and tried to do my bit, however since bringing two children into the world I felt that I should be doing a lot more.   

I am extremely lucky to live in beautiful Mandurah, Western Australia with stunning beaches, rivers, National Parks, forests, and unique waterways to explore.  I worry like most people about our modern-day lifestyles and what kind of planet will my children and their children be left with. Will we still have all the beautiful places in 50 years’ time? It is certainly overwhelming, and I feel we need systemic change to really make the impact the planet needs. In the meantime, as consumers we can start to change what we buy and use, all changes no matter how small can go a long way!  

I am passionate about sustainability and recycling, I felt guilty every time I put plastic into the bin. As ladies so many of the products we use are single use, ending up in landfill taking decades or even hundreds of years to break down or even worse ending up in the ocean polluting the seas and killing marine wildlife. I started making changes to the purchases I made a few years ago and would now like to pass some of these fantastic products to you.  

Where do we source our products?

We believe that sustainable and reusable products should be affordable for everyone, and if we are going to combat the huge amount of waste disposable products produce, they need to be comparable in price.

We look for ethical manufacturers and cruelty free products. We source our reusable Sanitary Pads from a fantastic organisation in India, who not only manufacture quality sustainable products, but they also do amazing work to combat period poverty in India. Only 12% of Indian women can afford safe menstrual hygiene products, we are thrilled to be part of helping their vision to provide a sustainable solution for menstrual hygiene for underprivileged women. They also employ Indian women from rural areas to work within their organisation and manufacture the pads, this ensures underprivilege women are taken out of poverty, given trade and employment creating a positive impact not only on their lives but the lives of their families and communities too. Every pad you buy was produced by women for women!

There are many different menstrual cups on the market which vary hugely in price. We chose to sell the oldest and most trusted brand, The Keeper and Moon Cups. They have been on the market respectively for 26 and 17 years, manufactured to a high standard using quality materials in the US and have FDA approval.

Do we support businesses in Australia?

Yes, we do! We support a fantastic Mother and Daughter creative team here in our hometown Mandurah. Sweetpea and Dragonfly hand make some incredible household products that are all reusable and tackle single use in our kitchens and bathrooms. Please take a look at the gift packs!

We also source all our service/business needs in Australia and our packaging.

Eco Ladies also supports women here in Australia through Halo a local charity where we are based in the Peel Region, WA. Halo do fantastic outreach work within our local community. We donate products to Halo to help with period poverty and support women who need sanitary items. We also give you the opportunity through our gift collection link to gift a menstrual product to Australian women in need through Halo.

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