Menstrual Cups like anything new will take you little time to get used to. Once you have mastered how to insert and remove your cup you, like thousands of other women will wonder why you didn't make the change earlier! 

When you first start using your cup, you may find it easier to insert sitting on the toilet and take out when your in the shower. Once you are familiar with the process you will be able to this anywhere. 

All you need to do is fold, insert, release and gently pull until the cup is securely in place. Easy? Yes it is! 

Full instructions for use are sent our with all purchases. You can view and download the instructions by clicking on the link below. 

Instructions click here:

Frequently asked Questions:

Are menstrual cups safe?

THE KEEPER and MOON CUP are manufactured in the USA. They have both been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

Results of lab testing indicate that it is very unlikely to amplify the bacterial associated with TSS. Our menstrual cups are non-absorbent. That’s not to say it cannot happen but reduces the chances dramatically. To reduce the chances even more, follow common good hygiene rules of clean hands and nails. Wash your hands before inserting and removing your cup, and do not use harsh chemicals that could deteriorate the smooth surface of our cups.  When cleaning your cup remember to clean the holes below the rim by pushing your choice of cleaning/sanitizing methods through the holes. Also, clean the inside of the stem the same way. Trimming your fingernails will reduce the chance of putting small cuts into the surface of the cup. Signs of TSS:

How long will my Keeper / Moon Cup last?

The Keeper and Moon Cup have a life expectancy of 10 years. Usage, handling and your body chemistry will influence your cup’s life span.

Are menstrual cups expensive? ​​​​​​​

Leaving aside the huge environmental costs of single-use sanitary products, most women spend at least double the price of a menstrual cup in one year on tampons or pads. Some even more than this if they have a heavy flow. After only a few months or less your cup will have paid for itself, and over it's 10-year life span, a menstrual cup will save thousands of dollars $$$$$$$!!!!

What is the Keeper made of?

The Keeper™’ menstrual cup is made from natural gum rubber (latex) which many women prefer because it’s a natural material.

What are the Moon Cups made of?

The Moon cups are made from medical grade silicon, perfect if you have a latex allergy.

What size cup do I buy, A or B ?​​​​​​​

A = After vaginal birth, and women over 30 years of age            

B = Never given birth, or have had a cesarean section                 

How do you clean a menstrual cup?            

At the end of your period, rinse the cup in cold water then wash in hot soapy water. Consider using a little brush to clean the rim. Ensure the tiny holes around the rim are kept clean. You will achieve this by soaking your cup in warm soapy water for a few minutes, and then squeeze it in the water to create water flow through the holes. This will also keep the inside of the stem clean. Consider using a small pin to keep the holes clear. You may wish to soak the cup again for five minutes in water that has just boiled – (not boiling) and then rinse with a vinegar solution – (one-part vinegar / one-part water). Dry thoroughly and store in the breathable pouch provided.

What if I need to empty my cup while in a public restroom?

First, wash your hands. You may find it useful to take a wet paper towel into the stall with you. Remove, empty, and wipe THE KEEPER or MOON CUP before reinserting (you may use toilet tissue to do this). Then, use the wet paper towel to wipe off your fingers. Wash your hands again before leaving the restroom.

Is it comfortable? It looks so big!

Yes, it is comfortable! At first you may notice THE KEEPER or MOON CUP, but once you get used to it (usually during your first few days of use), you will not be aware of its presence.

Is it messy?

No, not once you get comfortable with it. In the beginning, you need to become accustomed to removing and emptying your KEEPER or MOON CUP. If the suction seal is not properly released before you remove the cup, it can sometimes be messy. Once you learn to release the seal and remove your cup properly, there should not be any problem. Pulling THE KEEPER or MOON CUP out too fast, or tipping it at too steep an angle could cause some spillage. Again, once you get some practice removing and emptying THE KEEPER or MOON CUP, things will be fine. Just remove the cup slowly and as close to straight down (with minimal tipping) as possible.

Will my cup leak?

No, THE KEEPER or MOON CUP itself does not leak. However, there are conditions that could cause leakage. If the cup has not been inserted properly and the seal was not created. Sometimes it may mean that you may have a cup size that does not match the strength of your vaginal wall muscles.

I’m having trouble with leaks. Help!

Try running your index finger between the rim and the vaginal wall to make sure the cup has fully opened and fitting tight up against your vaginal walls. It is helpful to insert the cup quite slow and slide it up. Your vaginal muscles will adjust the cup into a position that fits your body.

Will I be able to feel the cup inside?

Not if it has been properly inserted. If you do feel it, then it has probably not been inserted in the correct position and is too close to the vaginal opening. Adjust or reinsert THE KEEPER or MOON CUP slightly higher in the vaginal cavity. Remember, most of the stem remains outside of your body.

Can I wear menstrual cups overnight?


Do I remove my cup to urinate or to have a bowel movement?

No. However, you may find that your KEEPER or MOON CUP has traveled down closer to the entrance of your vagina if you push your muscles harder than normal. So, the cup may need to be readjusted after urination or a bowel movement.

Can I wear THE KEEPER or MOON CUP during intercourse?

No. THE KEEPER or MOON CUP is positioned below the cervix and at the vaginal opening, so it would interfere with intercourse.

Do menstrual cups work like a diaphragm as a method of birth control?

No. THE KEEPER and MOON CUP are NOT like a diaphragm and CANNOT be used as a method of birth control.

Can a virgin use menstrual cups?

Yes, it would be much like a tampon. However, if you have strong personal feelings about keeping the hymen intact, the bamboo sanitary pack is perfect for you.

Do menstrual cups work with a tilted uterus?


Can athletic/active women use menstrual cups?

Absolutely! Many women who are active in sports find THE KEEPER or MOON CUP very convenient and effective.

Can IUD users use menstrual cups?

Yes, they can. But we suggest that you speak with your own personal physician, OB/GYN, or other health care provider when you have concerns about using THE KEEPER or MOON CUP.