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Regular Cloth Pads


Made with super soft Bamboo Charcoal, micros fibers and PUL. The pads can absorb up to 90mls of fluid which will leave you confident and dry throughout your cycle. Our pads will last 3 to 5 years that is a huge saving to you and the environment!  

Our Cloth Pads are manufactured in India by women for women! Rural women are employed to take them out of poverty and learn a trade and earn a wage. Every pad you buy helps fight Period Poverty and Educate Girls!

Our reusable pads are presented in packs of 3, 6 or 12 funky and stylish designs, all packs of 3 & 6 include a small handbag friendly size wet bag and all packs of 12 include a large and small wet bag.  

  • Mixed pack of 6 = 4 x Small (15cm x 22cm) & 2 x Large (18cm x 25cm)
  • Mixed Pack of 12 = 7 Small (15cm x 22cm) & 5 x Large (18cm x 25cm)
  • All Small or Large includes 6 or 12 of the selected size.
  • Sample pack includes 2 x Small (15cm x 22cm) 1 x Large (18cm x 25cm)

    If you want to try before you buy, top up a pack of pads you already have or need some extra protection when using cups or a disc the sample pack is ideal!

    Pack of 6 is ideal if you have short and light cycle and the packs of 12 will cover you for your entire cycle if you experience longer and more heavy periods.

    Easy to wear -  just snap the wings into place around your panties, dual buttons for a better fit.

    Easy to wash - rinse and then soak if needed in a little salt water. Then machine wash at 30°.

    Easy to store - all purchases come with a wet bag, you can pop used pads in whilst your out. 

    Please see our Cloth Pad Information page for more information on the pads, care instructions and design requests! 



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